“Beautiful retreat hidden in the mountains.”

There is a variety of tents and the deluxe luxury tents have proper bathrooms attached to them. The tents are maintained very well and the staff works tirelessly to maintain cleanliness and high customer satisfaction. Mr. Shobha Ram the Guest Relations Manager at the property, is no MBA but has his concepts better than management graduates, as far as customer relationship management and satisfaction is concerned.

Nimish Pant – KPMG - Gurgaon
“Awesome place/food/people!”

The place is nicely tucked away from the touristy spots. The locals who manage the place are downright humble welcoming and ready to make the most of your stay. The treks they take u around - brilliant - and included a beautiful moon-lit night trek, with soup and all. And that brings me to the food - outstanding!! The tikkis the cook made for the bonfire night are worth a special mention. Spent 2 nights here and we had a blast. Highly recommended.

Dipti Vaid – Dubai
“Beware! This place is magnetic.”

I was at the Whispering Pines for 2 days clicking a frame every minute .... its a beautiful place and there is lots to do, archery and rock climbing kept some of my group members so busy that they did it again and again to make it till the top but for some like me who didn’t want to do anything but just sit with their camera, you will be living amongst clouds and they'll keep you en captivated with so much drama changing shapes and hues..... and Laila's (dog) head placed on your lap will give u a taste of the warmth in that place.

Sukhman Dhillon – New Delhi

I was lucky to be around for the X'mas celebrations and the chilly Himalayas were blowing my mind. My shutter bug mode was on all day and Whispering Pines had a million more views to offer. The sunset, the sunrise, the slopes and the rays bouncing off the distant snow.

The courteous as ever staff keep you warm with their broad smiles as they do by serving you some amazing gourmet food. Barbecued potatoes and mushroom are to die for. By morning the retreat looks like a activity hotspot, for kids and the youthful alike.

Vaibhav Saklani – Aukland
“You gotta be here”

Long weekends were always tough for us. Having covered almost everything nearby Delhi, we were out of ideas on what next?...till we discovered this place! It is beautiful, accessible and with the amazing facilities and activities, you never get bored of this place. Go there to experience it.

Mayank Tiwari – Tata Motors, Lucknow

I visited Whispering Pines with 8 friends and we had the most amazing time. Beautiful place on a hill with am amazing view of the snow covered peaks and they have a wonderful telescope to see the most amazing stars at night. 

The tents are very good and comfortable and so is the staff....very hospitable and efficient. We went for a night trail which was very scary (made scary by the instructor to add adventure to our trip). We did some rock climbing and lot of outdoor activities ....overall a great experience.

Aditi Sharma – Gurgaon
“Magic in the Mountains”

Stayed at Whispering Pines quite some time ago but still can't get over the freshness of it all. The green grass, the crisp cool breeze, the white mist, the undulating mountains, the quaint tents, the lovely food, courteous staff... all of it.


Comfortable, rooted in nature, tranquil in atmosphere - Whispering Pines almost literally lives up to it's name. Can't wait to get back!

Ashish Shah – Intel, Mumbai

The stay at Whispering Pines was one which makes you feel at home. For Adventure sports lovers Whispering Pines has a wide range of activities to offer which include Night Hiking, Trekking / Surkanda Trek, Rappelling, Rock Climbing or Valley Crossing. The level of care and caution taken to ensure safety of the visitors was impressive.

I rate Whispering pines as an experience I would like to avail again in the near future. It is indeed the place to be...Cheers!!!

Pravir Srivastava – Noida

Our family of four, enjoyed thoroughly the pristine beauty of the Himalayas and also came close to view the mighty Himalayan Ranges, the abode of the Gods. Indeed so with a rarified ambience and untouched air of calm, the snow capped mountains makes the traveller bow in reverence.

The snow trek up the mountain temple of Surkanda Devi, had many a moment of its challenges, however, could easily be managed under the able guidance of Shoba Ram and Govind, trekkers and adventurers beyond compare.

Sanjay Sathyapalan – Chennai

A trip to Whispring Pines is a matter of chance. It is tucked far from the hustle of the city noise; even away from the herds of cluttered beach resort. This resort takes 'luxury, in the lap of nature' and cliches like pamper your senses very seriously. Your mind is devoid of the usual grind and all you see is yourself reflecting on nature and the smooth flowing river. Since my first visit to the resort i have made many more...never again as a matter of chance. You need to be here to see what its like.

Vaibhav Saklani – Aukland

Getting to the resort can be an arduous task but then don't they say....there was never anything worthwhile achieved without much toil. The entire journey to the resort can be just what you want to make of it, it can seem a long drive or it can be a very nice journey going through various turns just like life.

Nimish Pant – KPMG, New Delhi

Waking up to the sound of the river water and chirping of the birds is exactly what can make you forget your worries. Whispring Pines River Retreat made that happen for me.The weekend spent there was totally worth it.Rafting was something I'll remember all my life.The food is great,specially the snacks served.With activities like Golf chipping and putting,it gives us something new to try our hands on.The rooms as well as the resort are extremely comfortable. Whispring Pines River Retreat is the perfect getaway for peace,quiet and fun.

Varalika Srivastava – Times of India, New Delhi

It is a nice place to visit with friends or family. The scenic beauty is awsome, given u get into a deep valley with river flowing just in front of the resort. Further, the forests around this place add more to it. The hospitality is commendable. If one is looking for a different experience, then he can definitely consider this place

Jatin Bagchani

Whispring Pines is a beautiful resort on the banks of Hyule river, tucked away from the city's hustle and bustle. The adventure starts right from the beginning with one having to walk across an old bridge to cross the river and reach the resort. Scenic location, beautiful greens to walk on, cool refreshing river water to take a dip in and sumptuous food served make it a perfect holiday destination especially if one is travelling with kids. Service is great with the staff making an extra effort to make one feel cared for.

Deepa Pant – Entrepreneur, New Delhi

I’m ‘Whispringpines’ standing high on the bank of gentle mountain stream with glorious views. Two days stay is unforgettable. This thoughtfully build serene property has endless pleasures to offer its visitors. From Bungee jumping to river romance to delicious cuisines, I couldn’t have asked for more. Staff was friendly and hospitality was fantastic.Strongly Recommended.

Vatsal – Nairobi, Kenya

We stayed at Whispring Pines during an outbound training programme for our team, in association with Confederation of Indian Industry. The training programme was very meaningful and highly appreciated by everyone. As about the resort, we had a very comfortable stay. The food was good and we were very well taken care of. The adventure sports, activities and the yoga session too were well organised and enjoyed by one and all.

Betraaj KN – General Manager
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